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SJB Anointed Productions Inc. was formed in April of the year
2000. The company has been founded for the purpose of concert
promotions, marketing, and booking artists for the national
SJB Anointed Productions has been blessed to host concerts
for the likes of Vickie Winans, Dorinda Clark Cole, Kiera Sheard,
Lashun Pace, 21:03, Melba Moore, Benita Washington, Tarralyn
Ramsey, and many others. SJB Anointed Productions has also
developed relationships with television programming such as TBN,
and TCT television, and other religious programming. These
opportunities has helped to create major visibility to

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our artists
nationally. SJB Anointed Productions has also teamed up with a radio
servicing team to help launch artist musically.

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hard work and dedication to our artist.

Artists Opportunities

We offer artist opportunities to explore traditional and non-traditional outlets to perform.


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We offer artist a voice in telling us what they desire to do. We have linked artist to radio programmers, distribution labels, and television networks.

Our Music Artists

Our company works to book artists nationally in church venues,concerts, and non-traditional outlets.

Denita Gibbs

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Makenzie Thomas

Janika Newbill

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height=”400″ src=”http://byrddovemanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/jhala.jpeg” alt=”” srcset=”http://byrddovemanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/jhala.jpeg 400w, http://byrddovemanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/jhala-150×150.jpeg 150w, http://byrddovemanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/jhala-300×300.jpeg 300w, http://byrddovemanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/jhala-100×100.jpeg 100w” sizes=”100vw” />

Jhala Angelique

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We have also engaged in several events that have benefitedmissing and exploited children nationally. Our company has a heartfor children that have been taken away from their families. Benefitconcerts have helped to bring children back to their families.

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Steve and I have worked many projects together in the

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Gospel and Smooth Jazz genres. He works tirelessly to achieve maximum exposure for his Clients. His passion and integrity are so refreshing. I highly recommend Steve and SJB Anointed Productions for his management skills and booking services.
Marlo Martin-JacksonDouble M Entertainment
Steve Byrd and Byrddove Management has been quite a blessing to my daughter’s (Jhala Angelique) career; from great

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Technique Definition biology

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in young minds. A well known science board is often designed working with any accessible supplies. By placing a number of pictures in a sequence, youngsters can become curious about the sequence and interact with 1 another by constructing unique scenes in their own terms.

character, Steve Byrd and Byrddove Management is the agency for you!
Angela Kelly/ Jhala AngeliqueByrddove Management