Massachusetts Mayors Blast Anti-Casino Study as Bogus

Massachusetts Mayors Blast Anti-Casino Study as Bogus

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria ended up being among a group of Massachusetts mayors and town leaders whom rejected the claims in an anti-casino study that is recent.

Some Massachusetts mayors and city executives in the state have blasted a casino research that claims new resorts would hurt lottery profits for metropolitan areas and towns there. Anti-casino advocates are employing the study to suggest that the economic great things about adding gambling enterprises in Massachusetts have been overstated, and that voters should repeal the casino legislation into the November ballot that is upcoming referendum.

Based on the study, that was released by Repeal the Casino contract, local lottery profits could drop by up to 22 per cent if the new casinos are permitted to be built. Overall, the scholarly study estimates that as much as $103 million could be lost as consumers who utilized to try out the lottery change instead to gambling enterprises.

Mayors, Town Officials Reject Study

However a group led by Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno and Plainville Town Administrator Joseph Fernandes (all of whom lead towns and metropolitan areas where casinos and slot parlors have now been authorized) is rejecting these figures, saying that other analysts attended up with entirely results that are different. Based on the leaders that are municipal any lottery losses would be short-term, and would be much more t Continue reading “Massachusetts Mayors Blast Anti-Casino Study as Bogus”

Bet365 Online China Gambling Site Winning Big

Bet365 Online China Gambling Site Winning Big

Online wagering and gambling web site Bet365 is really active in Asia, inspite of the government’s tries to block usage of its skin sites.

Bet365 targets customers in Asia utilizing a selection of methods designed to get around federal government restrictions there, claims a recent report by The Guardian. According to that account, bet365 is the most successful online gambling companies in China, even though they haven’t any assets or physical presence in the nation.

It’s no secret that China the most lucrative gambling markets in the globe. Its players from mainland Asia have helped make Macau the world’s largest gambling hub, while wealthy Chinese VIPs help raise the bottom lines of casinos in Las Vegas and across the world. But the government that is chinese a tight hold on what on the web gambling can be offered legally, with only a few limited wagers being permitted.

Thriving in Market That Many Avoid

That does not mean that some organizations will not attempt to find their way to the untapped market, nevertheless. While a few gambling that is major say they don’t offer their services in China (the report specifically mentions William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair and Paddy Power as all saying they do not take any wagers there), some do, and bet365 is apparently one of the biggest operators that are active in the Chinese Internet video gaming market.

‘There’s nothing the Chinese government may do they do,’ one former Continue reading “Bet365 Online China Gambling Site Winning Big”

Antigua and Barbuda Seeks US Gambling Trade Dispute End

Antigua and Barbuda Seeks US Gambling Trade Dispute End

Gaston Brown, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, who brought up the country’s trade dispute with the US during the United Nations General Assembly month that is last. (Image:

Antigua and Barbuda, the tiny twin-island Caribbean nation which includes been in an gambling that is online dispute with america for the decade, is always to enter into talks as the two sides look for to go towards a solution. A meeting is followed by the move involving the islands’ Prime Minister Gaston Browne and US Trade Representative Michael Froman.

The David and Goliath battle began when Antigua and Barbuda objected to the block imposed by the government on its citizens that are own using the islands’ online gambling solutions. An international treaty, drawn up by the WTO in 1995, which is designed to remove barriers to trade in 2003, Antigua and Barbuda complained to the World Trade Organization (WTO) that America’s stance contravened the General Agreement on Trades and Services ( GATS.

The result, which likely embarrassed the US and amazed most likely also Antigua and Barbuda, was that the WTO sided utilizing the islands, ruling, in March 2004, and however in 2007, that by refusing market that is full to online gambling operators on the islands, the US, a paid-up member of the WTO, was in breach of its treaty obligations.

$3.4 Billion in Trade Sanctions

Buoyed by its success, Antigua and Barbuda filed a claim for $3.4 billi Continue reading “Antigua and Barbuda Seeks US Gambling Trade Dispute End”

Carl Icahn, Stephen Sweeney Go At It Over Atlantic City’s Gambling Future

Carl Icahn, Stephen Sweeney Go At It Over Atlantic City’s Gambling Future

Carl Icahn accuses brand New Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney of attempting to sell out Atlantic City by supporting a north Jersey casino.

Business mogul Carl Icahn and nj-new Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney exchanged harsh words last Friday, with each accusing the other of selling out some portion of Atlantic City for their gain. The war of words started after Sweeney took part in protests with union employees from the Trump Taj Mahal, protests of which Icahn proved to be always a major target.

As we reported earlier this week, those protests were made to react against a Trump Entertainment intend to bust out of the contract and cut pensions and benefits for workers so that you can cut costs and keep the casino open.

The business says that the casino will need to close on November 13 unless many concessions are granted to it, including the cutbacks in worker benefits and $25 million in aid from their state, along side a tax assessment that is reduced.

Workers Blame Icahn

But Icahn proved to be a major figure in the protests. The protesters demonstrated near the Tropicana, that is owned by a group led by Icahn, and many see him as the true threat to the benefits and wages made available from their current positions. In bankruptcy court, Trump Entertainment has required permission to turn over its venue to Icahn by converting the debt he holds in the company into ownership Continue reading “Carl Icahn, Stephen Sweeney Go At It Over Atlantic City’s Gambling Future”