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It forces you to watch and endure the violent torture of an innocent family without the traditional release that so many thrillers or horror films offer the audience. It’s exciting, thrilling, and frustrating all at the same time. It’s certainly not a movie for everyone, but it’s one everyone should see – if for no other reason than to understand how genre films play with and exploit your expectations.

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From easy, no-frills fun to entertaining electronics, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite party games to play with friends and help keep your soirees lively and spirited this holiday season. One of the particular games that Peter and Paul played on the family actually was responsible for my avoiding the movie as long as I did.

At which point she does, and they release Georgie from near suffocation. Here’s the trick though, throughout Ann’s undressing, the camera cuts to Ann’s face as she disrobes. It flips to Paul, and Peter, and George, back to Ann’s disgusted face, then she’s allowed to dress. I 100% expected the movie to gawk at Naomi Watts (notice that I didn’t say Ann here). And in Michael Haneke’s decision to not do that, he is saying something more about us than about anyone else. Funny Games tells the story of a family who get taken hostage in their own home by two psychopaths who seem to want nothing more than to play games with their embattled hostages.

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If you haven’t seen this inspired little film starring Tim Roth , Naomi Watts , it is a fairly rough concept to wrap your head around. But trust me when I say, the movie isn’t what it appears to be, which seems to be an exploitative torture flick. Instead, it’s a meta-conversational film about our culture’s love affair with exploitative torture films. So, regardless of whether you think that’s interesting or not, please don’t go further down this page without watching the film.

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Georgie has a bag put over his head, and meanwhile, Ann is asked to strip naked. But Ann refuses, until Georgie nearly suffocates, and George asks his wife to do it.

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It had been some time since I’d seen either this original version or the 2007 remake. I’d like to say that it was "nice" to revisit this one again, but "nice" isn’t a term that should ever be applied to a movie like Funny Games. This is a gleefully mean and nasty movie that cruelly plays with the audience as much as it does the poor family in the film. If you’ve already seen it, try watching it with someone who hasn’t gotten to watch it before. For this review, I viewed it with my wife and it was interesting to watch her reactions.