FAQ: bank cards and bad credit

FAQ: bank cards and bad credit

When you’ve got a poor credit history and so are shopping for a brand new bank card, it may be tough to understand how to start. Have a look at these commonly asked concerns getting a feeling of which way you need to get.

Can you can get a credit card without any bank account?

It will be very hard to have a charge card without a banking account. Even many cards supported by a deposit need you to have bank-account. One exception may be the OpenSky Secured Visa: you can easily pay your safety deposit via money purchase or have someone send the issuer a transfer or check for you.

Is it possible to prequalify for a charge card with bad credit?

You can, though only a few issuers provide prequalification. Luckily for us, the ones that do typically figure out whom prequalifies for a card having a soft credit pull, which won’t influence your credit history. Having said that, the application can certainly still be rejected even with you’ve prequalified.

Charge cards for bad credit that provide prequalification consist of:

Can you will get a credit card after bankruptcy?

Yes, though your choices may be restricted. To truly save some time protect your credit history, it is far better only submit an application for bank cards made for bad credit and rebuilding credit. Certainly, a couple of such cards explicitly specify that past bankruptcy is okay, like the Indigo Platinum Mastercard and also the Milestone Gold Mastercard.

Secured vs. Unsecured charge cards for bad credit

There are two main main forms of cards to consider whenever you’re looking for a charge card with bad credit: guaranteed and cards that are unsecured. Both could be a helpful device in your credit-rebuilding efforts.

Secured charge cards

Secured cards need a deposit that is refundable which will be often add up to your borrowing limit. Continue reading “FAQ: bank cards and bad credit”